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Mohnkuchen mit Streusel (German Poppy Seed Cake)

Are you looking for recipe inspiration Mohnkuchen mit Streusel (German Poppy Seed Cake) ? How to make it is difficult and easy. If it is wrongly processed, the results will not be satisfactory and it tends to be unpleasant. Whereas Mohnkuchen mit Streusel (German Poppy Seed Cake) What is delicious should have an aroma and taste that can provoke our taste buds.

Many things more or less affect the quality of the taste of Mohnkuchen mit Streusel (German Poppy Seed Cake), starting from the type of material, then the selection of fresh ingredients, to how to make and serve it. Don’t worry if you want to prepare Mohnkuchen mit Streusel (German Poppy Seed Cake) delicious at home, because as long as you know the trick, this dish can be a special treat.

As for the number of servings that can be served to make Mohnkuchen mit Streusel (German Poppy Seed Cake) adalah 8 servings. So make sure this portion is enough to serve for yourself and your beloved family.

Ojust for addition only, the time it takes to cook Mohnkuchen mit Streusel (German Poppy Seed Cake) estimated approx 120 mins.

So, this time, let’s try it, let’s create it Mohnkuchen mit Streusel (German Poppy Seed Cake) home alone. Stick with simple ingredients, this dish can provide benefits in helping to maintain the health of our bodies. you can make Mohnkuchen mit Streusel (German Poppy Seed Cake) use 25 type of material and 20 manufacturing step. Here’s how to make the dish.

This is my favorite German pastry! It's virtually impossible to find outside of Germany so learning to make it yourself is your best bet. There are many variations but my favorite is topped with crumbly “streusel.” The filling is a thick layer of poppy seeds which gives the cake an interesting texture and nutty flavor. You can optionally add a few raisins and/or walnuts to the filling, which are often included in the Mohnkuchen at German bakeries. nnThe bottom layer is a moist, “bready” cake made with yogurt. Traditionally a Hefeteig (yeast dough) and sometimes Mürbteig (German shortcrust pastry) would be used.nnNote: I used a 18 cm (7 in) tart pan with removable bottom.

Ingredients and spices that need to be prepared to make Mohnkuchen mit Streusel (German Poppy Seed Cake):

  2. 50 g Flour (about 1/2 cup)
  3. 25 g Brown sugar (2.5 Tbsp)
  4. 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  5. 42 g Unsalted butter (3 Tbsp)
  6. **CAKE LAYER**
  7. 150 g Flour (260 ml or 1 heaping cup)
  8. 5 g baking powder (1/2 Tbsp)
  9. 1 pinch Salt
  10. 75 g Plain yogurt (4 Tbsp)
  11. 3 Tbsp Milk or cream
  12. 42 g Unsalted butter (3 Tbsp)
  13. 30 g Sugar (3 Tbsp)
  15. 100 g Poppy seeds (about 160 ml, or 11 Tbsp)
  16. 28 g Unsalted butter (2 Tbsp)
  17. 175 ml Milk (3/4 cup)
  18. 1/4 tsp Ground cinnamon
  19. 1/2 Vanilla bean or 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  20. 2 Tbsp Honey or sugar
  21. 40 g Semolina flour (3 Tbsp)
  22. 1 Egg
  23. 2 Tbsp raisins and/or walnuts (optional)
  24. **Pan**
  25. 18 cm (7 in) tart pan with removeable bottom or pie dish

Steps to make Mohnkuchen mit Streusel (German Poppy Seed Cake)

  1. In a bowl, mix flour, sugar and cinnamon for the streusel topping. Cut chilled butter into small pieces and add to bowl.
  2. Using hands, form crumbles by kneading butter pieces into the mix to make crumbly lumps.
  3. Squish together crumbles yourself if it gets too “sandy.” Chill in refrigerator for about an hour or until ready to make the rest of the cake.
  4. Preheat oven to 180C/350F as you start the bottom cake layer.
  5. Mix flour, baking powder and salt in one bowl.
  6. In another large bowl, mix softened butter, yogurt, milk/cream, and sugar until it becomes smooth and creamy.
  7. Add in the flour and baking powder mix to the yogurt mix. Mix until batter comes together enough to hold.
  8. Dust flour on you hands and a cutting board, then remove dough from bowl and knead into a ball.
  9. The dough should be fairly smooth. You can wrap and let sit until later or go ahead and roll it out for your cake.
  10. When ready to roll, flour the rolling surface and roll dough into a shape that fits your baking pan (I used an 18cm tart form but you can use anything that works).
  11. Press dough into your baking dish. I make the edges a little higher so it will hold the filling better, almost like a pizza!
  12. Next, heat the milk and butter on low until the butter is melted.
  13. Add in vanilla, semolina flour, cinnamon and honey. Stir well so the mixture becomes smooth (it's okay if there's still a few little lumps). Bring to a simmer, then turn off the heat and let soak for a few minutes.
  14. If you have the tools, roughly grind the poppy seeds in batches using a mortar & pestle or food processor, etc. This help release the flavors of the seeds.
  15. Pour the poppy seeds into the milk and flour mix. Stir until well combined. Add the raisins/walnuts here if using.
  16. After the the poppy seed mix has cooled down a bit, mix in one egg. The mix can be warm, but it shouldn't be hot because you don't want the egg to end up cooking.
  17. Spread the poppy seed filling evenly over the cake layer.
  18. Lastly, top the filling with the strudel crumbles. Bake at 180°C/350°F for 25-30 minutes. Check after about 15-20 minutes to make sure the studels aren't browning to fast. If they are, lightly lay a piece of aluminum foil over the top.
  19. The crumbles should be nice and golden when done! Remove from oven and let cool for 45-60 minutes.
  20. Slice up and serve! If you like a touch more sweetness, drizzle with honey 😉

How ? It’s easy? That’s how to make Mohnkuchen mit Streusel (German Poppy Seed Cake) which you can practice at home. Hopefully useful and good luck!

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